Going Green With UPS

Another shipment is in packaging for one of our larger clients.  They prefer UPS to FedEx for transportation of small parts and/or shipment.  We are the other way around.  The reasons for this are legion and not open at the moment.

What I am noticing is the increasing package requirements over time.  A couple of years ago, a 20 pound shipment in a 12 inch cube took a single wall 200 pound box, standard packaging, and some tape.

Today — the same shipment needs a 270 pound double wall box, no fillers, strapping tape, and a packing slip inside the parcel to meet minimum UPS standards for insurance coverage.  That is moot as they won’t pay on losses anyway.  The fun fact here is that while registering the parcel for shipment you have to wade thru the green choices which include giving them extra money to offset the carbon foot print of your package, extra money to save whales, and a porridge pot of other make believe initiatives.

I just kind of find it a bit hypocritical that they require you to over pack your shipment so that throwing it off the roof of a building won’t damage it, then ask for more money to make up for your lack of interest in the environment.  Just goes to show how corporate showmanship and responsibilities are usually two different things.