agricultural systems


Ag systems falls into a special category since sometimes rural power is usually single or dual phase and the control needs for the farmer are job specific.

We manufacture a few controls for the industry that are gaining traction in the market. The hot new system is as a partner to Linak North America with a control for their intrinsically safe linear actuators as well as their La36 actuators in the tec-line catalog. These systems are designed to replace the hydraulic systems in grain elevators and handling systems where a leak could contaminate large amounts of grain for animal feed or for human consumption.

agricultural systems

speed control overlay

In addition, remote controlled hitches and accessory sub-systems are in discussion or development for a few clients. The idea behind these systems is to allow connection to implements without leaving the cab of the tractor. This enhances safety as well as improves efficiency. We also do centralized control systems for swine and poultry housing in support of these industries.

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