Over the years a few products have been developed for use in industry. We make a decade box than can have up to eleven ranges. Standard boxes range from 100 Meg Ohms down to one tenth Ohm. The extended range boxes are used for calibration references in sensitive military applications. The standard range boxes can be used anywhere a high accuracy decade system is needed for research or testing purposes.

decade box


A large format display is also available. The seven inch tall numeric display can be configured as a timer, a counter, a temperature display, a voltmeter, an amp meter, or any other display that requires a numeric output visible from a distance. The number of display segments is customizable and can extend for up to 15 digits. These displays have been used in rolling mills for steel, temperature indicators for paint cure ovens, several have been combined in a single case for use as an ANDON display tied to a plant production computer. The display is housed in an extruded aluminum case as gasketed to NEAM 12 standards.

The DASH Drive is a full function 24 Volt DC motor drive. This DIN rail mounted five Amp control is designed to regulate the speed of small brush type DC motors used in numerous conveyor applications. It features soft start, remote start /stop / speed control, and high output, low heat generation circuitry. This drive is a cost effective alternative to the standard drives offered by others.

dash 3 drive