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A DC to DC variable speed drive rated at 125 Watts (1/8 Horsepower). It is ideal for small motor applications including light conveyor drives, parts feeders and other applications where small DC motors are preferable to fractional AC motor drives for both cost and size considerations.

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7-inch LED display

The seven inch LFDis a µP driven display. The seven segment dual row LED's provide a high quality, easy to read numeric presentation for viewing distances from 30 to 250 feet. The 1018N is enclosed in a rugged powder coated case made from extruded and cast components designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. This model has been designed to be versatile, affordable and easy to install.

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Automation Systems

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Automation Systems - Customized control panel shown closed and open. Automation Systems - Custom Control Panels - Central and Distributed Systems

Embedded Control - Mixed rigid and flexible circuit board with wireless sensor interface. Embedded Control - Rigid, Flex, and Hybrid Circuit Boards, Sub-assemblies, and Chassis Devices.

Specialty Products - Intrinsically safe NiMh battery controller. Specialty Products - Job Specific Solutions to Real Problems in Today's World.

Products - LFD numeric display. Products - Displays, Drives, Network Solutions