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This is a typical example of automation technology. This panel holds ten variable frequency drives and a smart touch screen that integrates an assembly line into one panel control. The foot print is one meter wide by meter deep. The panel is 2 meters tall and weighs about 270 Kg. It was designed, built and shipped to the customer in four weeks. It was ready to run when installed and final commissioning took less than one day.

punch press control conversion

This 1000 Ton punch press control was built to refurbish an existing installation. Besides the modern base control, we integrated a coil feed, stock straightener, light fences, production reporting, and an outfeed a roll form line into one simple control. In Auto mode, the two handed tie down button set starts the entire production line. The panel is 1.1 Meters wide by 3/4 Meter deep, by 3/4 meter high. It weighs about 160Kg.

typical large cabinet unit

This large cabinet unit was fabricated to control an engine assembly line. It holds eight Variable Frequency Drives and electronic logic for sixteen work stations. The panel is 2 meters wide, by 3/4 meter deep, by meter tall. It weighs 500Kg and took five weeks to fabricate and install. On site commissioning took two very full days. A similar panel runs a luxury boat builders entire assembly line from spray up to final fit and finish including four separate switchable lines (depending on model being built), thirty eight work stations, and a loading pad.

set of three panels

This cabinet group controls the finishing system for a large furniture manufacturer in Asia. The three panel group controls the conveyors, spray booths, ovens and dryers, make up air units, plus the prep and packaging areas.


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