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This is an embedded control for a client in the optical field. The CPU is embedded in the panel along with digital and analog I/O system. The sub-panel controls coating application on optical lenses.

embedded control for optics

This is a smart switch cluster for P.O.P. equipment.

smart switch

The embedded conveyor system below is a smart conveyor system for a major clothing retailer’s distribution center. The system automatically routes, collates, and stages shipments to company stores across the United States.

conveyor system


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Automation Systems - Customized control panel shown closed and open. Automation Systems ? Custom Control Panels ? Central and Distributed Systems

Embedded Control - Mixed rigid and flexible circuit board with wireless sensor interface. Embedded Control ? Rigid, Flex, and Hybrid Circuit Boards, Sub-assemblies, and Chassis Devices.

Specialty Products - Intrinsically safe NiMh battery controller. Specialty Products - Job Specific Solutions to Real Problems in Today?s World.

Products - LFD numeric display. Products - Displays, Drives, Network Solutions